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American Gear, Inc. - Precision Gears for Every Industry and Application Since 1990  
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Our experience guarantees the quality you depend on!   With gear manufacturing experience ranging from consumer goods like automobiles, thermostats and portable electric tools to a variety of industrial applications like bulldozers, oil drilling equipment and conveyors, American Gear can provide the engineering and manufacturing assistance required.   From prototypes to full scale manufacturing, Amercian Gear has the capability to manufacture gears up to 6 inches in diameter, with diametric pitches ranging from 12 to 200.  Metric gear sizes from .2 to 3 module.
Complete Gear Manufacturing CapabilitiesPrototypes and Full Production Manufacturing
We are fully prepared to provide prototypes for you from the part developed from bar stock to the finished product... then mass produce the finest precision gears up to 10,000 parts per month.  Individual attention is given to specific orders and fast turn around.  Our prototype service provides parts to meet very close tolerances for further development.
Assembly Capabilities
American Gear will produce assemblies to meet your every need... gears and allied products and shafts into assemblies from the smallest to the largest quantity, regardless of the number of the parts in each assembly.  Assemblies can consist of any one or more of our standard or custom gears.  We invite your inquiry.  For further gear manufacturing information, please give us a call at 815-537-5111, or Request Information or Quotes using our online form.
Markets and Industries Served

Office Equipment
Fax Machines

Commercial & Municipal
DC Motors
Emergency Exit Doors
     for Buses
Bicycles and Motorcycles
Commercial Radios
Can Openers
Timing Devices
Fire Alarm Equipment
Vending Equipment
Meat Slicers
Electric Door Openers
Mobile Home Accessories
Microwave Ovens
Gas Pumps
Vacuum Sweepers
Power Tools
Stop Lights
Closed Circuit TV Equipment

Hospital Beds
Hospital X-Ray Equipment
MRI Machines
Chiropractic Tables

Aviation & Nautical
Flight Instrumentation
Ship-To-Shore Radio
Helicopter Instrumentation
Small Plane Radio
Flight & Navigation Instruments
Air Impact Tools
Surf indicators

Electronic Machinery

Government Tools
Army/Navy Weapons
Navy Navigation &
     Radio Systems
Space Ships
Bomb Fuses
Torpedo Fuses
Guide Systems

Movie Film Developers
Cameras - Industrial &    Consumer
Event Lighting
Remote Cameras

Archery Equipment
Fishing reals
R/C Cars


Gears for aviation navigation, consumer products, office equipment, and medical x-ray machines
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