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American Gear, Inc. - Precision Gears for Every Industry and Application Since 1990  
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American Gear offers a full range of services to insure that all products are manufactured to specification.  Our in-house manufacturing facility offers full range of machining services including CNC Milling and Turning, Gear Hobbing and Shaping, Screw Machining and additional secondary operations. In addition, American Gear can provide heat treating and finishing services so all products are finished complete and ready for market.
Providing the usual . . . offering the unusual
American Gear take pride in offering full range of products from standard worm or helical gears to gears designed for custom or unique applications.
Our Product Catagories include:
Spur Gears
Helical Gears (Hobbed - up to 45 degrees Helix)
Worm Gears (Throated, Straight Face or Multiple)
Straight Bevel Gears (Gleason Coniflex)
Miter Gears (Gleason Coniflex)
Timing Pulleys
Gear Manufacturing Services
Manufacturing Materials
American Gear can manufacture gears in any and all types of machinable materials including:
Plain Carbon - Alloy and Stainless Steel - Brass or Bronze - Aluminum - Phenolic - Nylon - Delrin
Quality Control
American Gears meets the specifications of industry for countless products that are within inches of your finger tips... everywhere. And we manufacture gears to meet the most demanding military specifications. By maintaining closely supervised quality control and by employing of the latest equipment, American Gear produces fine and medium pitch gears for a wide range of businesses.
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